Historically, TN Monochrome LCD’s provided poor contrast ratios and restricted viewing angles.

Crystal-Tech Electronics can overcome these issues by offering a wide range of new technologies for both industrial and consumer applications.

Our range includes:-

  • TN – Twisted Nematic (Positive and Negative mode)
  • HTN – Higher Twisted Nematic
  • STN – Super Twisted Nematic
  • FSTN – Film Super Twisted Nematic
  • FFSTN – Double film Super Twisted Nematic
  • ISTN – Negative mode for automotive applications
  • ASTN – Negative mode technology for automotive applications
  • VA – Vertical Alignment

We also have a variety of secondary processes such as corner grinding; hole drilling, screen-printing as well as various interconnect options. These include:

  • Pin connections
  • Heat seal connectors
  • Elastomer connectors
  • Heater panels

We can also supply customised LED back-lights, touch panels and complete module solutions including COG modules.

Typical COB Dot Matrix Module Design

Custom Designed Segment Module

A Custom Designed Chip-on-Glass LCD Module

Our Custom Design Process

  • Initial contact meeting / Request for quotation
  • Completion of our custom LCD Design Guide
  • Proposal / Quotation – 3-5 days
  • Counter drawing – Your approval – 2 weeks
  • Sample submission – Your approval – 3-5 weeks
  • Mass Production approximately 6-8 weeks